Generative Art Now. An Interview with Marius Watz

Posted by Thomas Petersen | Tue Sep 20th 2005 3:51 a.m.

Marius Watz is a Norwegian artist and curator who originally took his point of departure doing graphics for the raves of the early nineties. In his current artistic practice he focuses on computationally generated form, describing his own style as a particular brand of visual hedonism, marked by colourful organic shapes and a 'more is more' attitude. His work has been shown at many international festivals and exhibitions. Marius is currently organizing the conference and exhibition Generator.x in Oslo, Norway. This event deals with the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design.

Thomas Petersen asked Marius a few questions about his understanding of the term 'generative art', about his own artistic practice and of course about Generator.x.

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