photos; Painting slashed at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Posted by Miklos Legrady | Sat Sep 3rd 2005 11:41 p.m.



the art world cannot be permanently changed...
but it can be periodically shaken up and made to take notice.

This is about art protocol issues - how work gains in value and is
seen only once the artist
is recognised. Right now this painting is not seen, has little value,
so it will get destroyed.
It's up to you to ask if you would have wanted it, since now you can't.

While it hung among others on the wall no one paid attention.
Once chosen for destruction, people looked and felt a loss.

I'm doing a radical act telling the world pay attention or get your
toys destroyed,
these objects of beauty and the spirit.

At the same time I'm exploiting an opportunity for shameless self-promotion...
in the form of an emotional blackmail of the art world.

I will be doing a total of ten performance destroying masterpieces.
Because of the quality of the paintings this cheap trashy act will
get me noticed
and boost my career.

Ten works you would later have wanted saved get destroyed.
It does point out the career problems other artists face.

Photos and full text;

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