The Greyhound Murder - new work from Edward Picot

Posted by Edward Picot | Tue Aug 9th 2005 2:15 p.m.

After dark, someone came knocking on the door. Seven knocks, so loud they went right through the house...
I was looking at the sky. It was a windy day. There were white clouds going across, brilliantly white, and beyond them the blue...
'By their fruits shall ye know them,' he said. 'And he that is unjust, let him be unjust still, for the hour is at hand.'...
I shone my torch: something brown to the left of the drive. A boot. Then something bulky in the weeds. A leg, two legs, a body. Twisted and red..."

A new nonlinear story, "The Greyhound Murder", is now available on my personal website, for 25c via BitPass.

Also new: "Sheep", "Triptych" and "Don Quixote's Dream", three small pieces on the theme of sheep.

Please visit and browse.

- Edward Picot - Personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange
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