R3D3: Conceptual Medicine

Posted by Miklos Legrady | Tue Aug 9th 2005 11:49 a.m.

>Eryk; Now, the very best software says we can just skip ahead to
>doing something interesting.

Or hire someone with great ideas and someone else with great
technique, shades of Kostabi and post-modernism. The air force is
working on the first generation of pilotless fighter planes. Soon
we'll go online and pay by the hour to pilot a real fighter plane
wherever a war is in progress.

But "doing something interesting"? Doesn't the person have to be
interesting to start with?
I'm not trashing Eryk, who is interesting... but the root concept
bugs me like Kostabi bugs me. "you are the artist now". What about;
"you're the brain surgeon now"?

As Curt wrote;"how well it comes off"... The stakes rise... "when
great software makes things easy.., when technology... with less
work", a new (competitive) standard always comes in place that
restores the previous obstacle course. When automation permeates,
with it's robotic semi-perfection, personal differences seem to gain
in value. Then there's low tek / high tek, digital pinhole cameras,
you name it.

So here it depends on how interesting the idea. Ideas are always
transformed by execution;
spirit and matter are both transformed when they interact, and that's
where discoveries, new values and new standards occur.



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