Processing Workshop @ Atmosferas Lisbon

Posted by Sofia Oliveira | Fri Jul 29th 2005 5:07 a.m.

Processing Workshop @ Atmosferas in LisbonDavid Pereira, 26 - 30 September,=
05What you always wanted to do with Fl*** and can't.
Processing is an open source java simplification that allows designers and =
artists to use computation in their works.
The workshop will be an insight into processing and computational design ex=
ploring subjects like 3D, particule systems, sound analyses, image and vide=
o processing.

26 to 30 of September 19-22.

23 September: Public presentation of the workshop results at 22.30.

Info David Pereira

David Pereira Degree in computer science at IPA. In 1990 discovers sound an=
d graphical synthesis and in 1998 studied sound and image at ARTICO. He's a=
n independent Interaction Design researcher and teaches Instruments Methodo=
logies and Objects of Web Design in ESTAL where he also coordinates LABNUI,=
the Nocturnal Laboratory of User Interface.

Info processing
Processing is a project initiated by Ben Fry e Casey Reas within the Aesthe=
tics + Computation Group

People with basic programming knowledge.

150 Euros (20 hours; 7,5 Euros/hour).

The workshop has a maximum number of 16 participants. You will be contacted=
for a selection interview.

Place and Dates

The workshop will talke place at Espaco Atmosferas, Rua da Boavista, 67 (=
following Rua de Sao Paulo) in Lisbon, Portugal, from 26 to 30 de Septemb=
er, 05.

About Atmosferas - Digital Arts Center
Atmosferas is a cultural project that stands at the intersection of the art=
s, the sciences and the technologies. Within this framework Atmosferas is e=
ngaged in promoting a cultural dialogue between these different areas tryin=
g to bring forward an understanding on the points of contact of their pract=
ices. To achieve this objective Atmosferas will organize a number of differ=
ent events (conferences, exhibitions, etc) and support the production and t=
he distribution of relevant artistic work done for the digital realm.

In practical terms Atmosferas presents itself as an entity that:

- supports and is engaged in the production of new media artistic and exper=
imental work

- develops curatorial projects in several mediums (internet, audiovisual, p=
ublishing, exhibitions, etc.)

- stimulates reflexion through the organization of symposiums, conferences =
and debates

- promotes advanced teaching namely through an MA in Games and Interactive =
Media, but also, seminars and workshops.


Digital Arts Center

Rua da Boavista 102, 1200-069 Lisbon Portugal

+ 351 21 321 30 40
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