Rhizome administration spam

Posted by Francis Hwang | Mon Jul 18th 2005 4:13 p.m.

There's a new sort of spam around these days; it takes the domain name
of an email address and uses that to pretend that it's some email being
sent to you by a website, regarding your account on that website. So
some of you may have been receiving email that claims to be about your
Rhizome account, coming from the "Rhizome Support Team" or something
like that.

If you ever get an automatic email claiming to be from us, with an
attachment in it, it's a virus pretending to be from us. Rhizome never
ever sends out attachments in its automated emails. So if you get an
email like that, just ignore it.

Francis Hwang
Director of Technology
phone: 212-219-1288x202
AIM: francisrhizome
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