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Posted by Francis Hwang | Sat Jul 16th 2005 10:22 a.m.

Hi everyone,

Starting next week, you'll be seeing a change in the front page here at
Rhizome. Currently the front page features artworks and texts from
inside the Rhizome site. But we've added a heavily-modified version of
Eyebeam's ReBlog software ( ), so the front page
will soon combine great texts from inside Rhizome with the best memes
from the internet as a whole.

The goal is for the front page to become a quick, easy filter for the
entire field of new media arts online--both for our current Rhizome
users and Members, and for anybody else who might be interested in the
field but not know where to start looking. At the same time, Superusers
will continue to enrich the archives by adding metadata to our internal
content. (External content will not be added to the archives.)

And another note: This new front page will be based on the consumption
of RSS feeds. So if you have any sort of new media arts site of your
own, and it's got an RSS feed attached to it, make sure to send that my
way so I can forward it to all the Superusers. And if you've got a site
without RSS, well, what are you waiting for?

Francis Hwang
Director of Technology

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