MIX-m.org at Contemporary Art Center Geneva

Posted by Christophe Guignard | Fri Jul 15th 2005 1:32 a.m.

Dear friends,

fabric | ch is pleased to present MIX-m.org at Contemporary Art Center Geneva (Switzerland)

MIX-m.org is a contemporary art museum created by fabric | ch (architecture) and Simon Lamuniere (curation).
It exists both in physical and digital spaces, in localized and distributed environments.
For this exhibition at Contemporary Art Center Geneva, MIX-m.org invites five contemporary artists to create original artworks which define and modulate their presence inside an extended spatial spectrum:

+ Joelle Flumet
+ Yves Mettler
+ Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner
+ Nedko Solakov
+ Heimo Zobernig

Physical: Contemporary Art Center Geneva, June 29th - July 31th, 2005
Digital: http://www.mix-m.org
Images of architecture: http://www.mix-m.org/artist.asp?ref=1

For more information, contact Patrick Keller [patrick@fabric.ch] or Christophe Guignard [christophe@fabric.ch]

fabric | ch

fabric | ch : electronic architecture studio : http://www.fabric.ch
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