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Posted by Carlo Zanni | Thu Jun 30th 2005 2:49 a.m.


One of the artists that has kept popping up over the last few years is Italian Carlo Zanni (b. 1975). He originally got us interested when he launched the Altarboy - a device where art collectors can control when their internet art pieces are online - and he has since been featured twice in our networks list with his eBay Landscape and Average Shoveler. Kristine Ploug talked to him.



A recent article in The New York Times spoke pragmatically about the obstacles of owning video art. It tends to be noisy and might disturb your nice and quiet time, or interrupt your dinner parties. It also seems plain weird to some having a Bill Viola projection onto the wall between the kitchen and the bedroom. Therefore, some people keep it off a lot of the time, others install a contemplation room in the garage, and yet others buy their own museum.
When it comes to owning internet art it is even more troublesome, especially the kind of internet art that needs to be online to exist.

Italian artist Carlo Zanni has one possible solution. He created the Altarboy - a personal server that easily lets you decide when your purchased internet artwork is online. Read more in our brand new interview with Carlo Zanni.

The summer is here, and while we wish all of our readers a great holiday, Artificial will stay put with new articles and updates from the world of computer based art. Stay tuned!


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  • Jason Van Anden | Thu Jun 30th 2005 10:45 a.m.
    Interesting interview ... I am a little confused about Zanni's assertion that 99.9% of net artists are not interested in selling and/or pursuing art as a career.

    Jason Van Anden
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