Re: PoemeDada RSS v.1

Posted by uday sinha | Tue Apr 26th 2005 11:51 p.m.

I liked this one and added to my exhibit
This is my most Favorite topic
I think so
nil, India

Robin Stein wrote:

> PoemeDada RSS v.1 is an interface for creating poetry out of the RSS
> news feeds from several major news sources. This style of automatic
> writing is derived from Tristan Tzara's Poeme Dada, which involves
> cutting out words from a magazine or newspaper and randomly selecting
> them from a hat.
> PoemeDadaRSS v.1 parses the words from headlines in the news feeds
> that you choose, which you are then able to select manually or
> randomly. Feel free to further edit your poem with punctuation,
> spacing, or your own words.
> If you make any poems that you would like to have included in the
> upcoming PoemeDada archive please send them to:
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