ICOLS Strategy Defense and Arms Fair opening at TPS

Posted by Melinda Rackham | Sat Apr 23rd 2005 9:15 p.m.

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ICOLS Strategy Defense and Arms Fair
at TPS, Sydney, April 29 - May 21 2005
Opening 5.30 -7.30 pm Thursday 28 April


Drawing on the long & constantly evolving relationships between art &
technology, & specifically art & military technology, this dual projection
installation presents a model trade fair of defense strategies & weaponry
development as refigured within the conceptual & representational models of
contemporary art & theory.

Produced by ICOLS Directors Bronia Iwanczak & Suzanne Treister, with works by:

Samuel Blum, Varda Blum, Rosalind Brodsky, Alan Cholodenko, Alice Crawford,
Rebecca Cummins, Nina Czegledy, Carina Diepens, Richard Grayson, Nigel Helyer,
Bronia Iwanczak, Derek Kreckler, Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark, Pat Naldi, Tim
Nohe, Melinda Rackham, Monica Ross, Johannes S. Sistermanns , Janos Sugar,
Suzanne Treister, Angus Trumble, and Julian Walker.

The International Corporation of Lost Structures (ICOLS), founded in 2000, is an
artist-driven, international cross-cultural collaborative organization whose
members/contributors include artists, writers, filmmakers, scientists, poets,
anthropologists, theorists, activists & art historians. - http://www.icols.org

ICOLS STRATEGY DEFENSE & ARMS FAIR is the second installment of Who's Afraid
of the Avant-Garde? - a four part installation and performance series curated by
Blair French. Each project presents work that engages with avant-gardism in
manners suggesting its reinscription as a paradigm for art & social action in
the 21st century.

The Performance Space199 Cleveland Street Redfern
WEB: http://www.performancespace.com.au
TEL: +61 (0)2 9698 7235 FAX: +61 (0)2 9699 1503

Melinda Rackham
artist | curator
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