THE NEXT BIG THING.... Walks! - DVD available for Free!

Posted by Justin Simoni | Fri Apr 15th 2005 8:11 p.m.


So I'm doing this gigantic project that has to do with a character I
created called, THE NEXT BIG THING. He thinks he can become famous on
basically, will power alone. He holds strange publicity stunts to try
to get attention from the local press. A few weeks ago, he walked a 6'
by 6' painting 4 miles through downtown denver, completely covered in
fliers with his face on them. Really. Here's some reading material:

I made a rough cut of the movie (~ 10:00), and I'll be happy to send a
copy of it, signed to anyone who joins my snail mailing list. Most
likely, it'll begin a sort of nu correspondence school:

Sorry if this all ain't *strictly* net art, but I'm in the (very
incredibly) humble opinion that organizing artwork by its medium is
less than optimal.

Anyways, sign up, get a DVD, yadda yadda.

.: art
.: phone 720 436 7701

PS: THE NEXT BIG THING is /single/!
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