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Posted by Rachel Greene | Mon Mar 7th 2005 11:11 a.m.

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> From: Joseph Nechvatal <jnech@thing.net>
> Date: March 6, 2005 2:45:46 PM EST
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> Review of Palladio: a multi-media spectacle by Ben Neill and Bill
> Jones at Symphony Space
> by Joseph Nechvatal
> The backlash against the logocentric apparatus and corporate
> globalization has set in by now. It is well known that we live in an
> era where image is nearly everything and where the proliferation of
> unbearably intrusive brand names defines so-called culture.
> Palladio affirms this awareness through an infuriating and thus
> stimulating interactive movie/opera/rock concert/theatre spectacle by
> pioneer hybrid electro-acoustic composer Ben Neill (creator of
> fantastically meandering sounds which could go on forever) and digital
> media artist Bill Jones that was performed at Symphony Space March 4th
> and 5th. It is a multi-layered DJ/VJ culture jamming adaptation of
> Jonathan Dee's book Palladio which immerses us in the indistinct
> question: "In a world where the line between culture and commerce is
> increasingly blurred, can you really sell out anymore?"
> The visual form here was created by Jones's interactive computer video
> component, projected and mixed live onto a movie theater screen, which
> included commercial samples seamlessly merging with live-action
> footage as the lead characters - played by Cort Garretson (a
> charismatic composer/performer who never buys into the notion that all
> is retrograde orthodoxy), the hauntingly beautiful and immensely
> intriguing Zoe Lister-Jones (her character makes many insightful
> points) and Mikel Rouse (who convincingly plays a jack-ass advertising
> creative director who
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