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> Subject: Wearable Futures: Call for Abstracts Deadline 14th March
> Apologies for cross-posting
> Wearable Futures: Hybrid Culture in the Design and Development of Soft
> Technology
> An Event organised by Smart Clothes Wearable Technology Research Group,
> University of Wales, Newport and PDR, University of Wales Institute
> Cardiff
> in association with SCAN (Southern Collaborative Arts Network)
> 14 - 16 September 2005, University of Wales, Newport, WALES, UK
> Keynotes:
> Suzanne Lee, Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins, Fashion
> Consultant and author of Fashioning the Future pub Thames and Hudson
> Sept
> 2005
> Joanna Berzowska, Artist and Assistant Professor of Design and
> Computation
> Arts at Concordia University in Montreal
> Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Lecturer, Curator and Writer. Co Author of
> Techno
> Textiles, SportsTech and Techno Textiles2 pub 2005
> Chris Baber University of Birmingham, Reader in Interactive Systems
> Deadline for Abstracts: 14th March 2005
> This two day International conference will aim to contextualise the
> future
> potential of Wearable Technologies in a variety of fields ranging from
> military application to fine art.
> Wearable Futures is an interdisciplinary conference, which aims to
> bring
> together practitioners, inventors, and theorists in the field of soft
> technology and wearables including those concerned with fashion,
> textiles,
> sportswear, interaction design, media and live arts, medical textiles,
> wellness, perception and psychology, IPR, polymer science,
> nanotechnology,
> military, and other relevant research strands.
> We will be examining how some broad generic questions will be explored
> in
> relation to wearable technology including but not restricted to:
> aesthetics
> and design, function and durability versus market forces; the desires,
> needs and realities of wearable technologies; technology and culture;
> simplicity and sustainability; design for wearability; wearables as
> theatre
> and wearables as emotional 'tools'.
> Key fundamental questions across the conference in relation to
> wearables
> are:
> What is out there?
> Who wants it?
> What do they want?
> How is it achieved?
> Please submit an abstract of no more than 400 words in a Word document
> format by: 14th March 2005 to: hannah.topping@newport.ac.uk
> For further information please refer to the conference website:
> http://artschool.newport.ac.uk/smartclothes
> Abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed and if accepted
> published
> in the Conference Proceedings. A selection from the full papers will
> also
> be considered for publication in a themed addition of the international
> journal 'A.I. & Society' (SPRINGER)
> Abstracts may be offered as long papers (30 minutes includes
> questions),
> short papers (20 minutes includes questions) or for poster
> presentations.
> Poster presentations are particularly welcomed from postgraduate
> students.
> NB: Please note final submission for full papers has been changed to
> 6th
> June 2005
> Committee currently includes:
> Chris Baber, Reader, University of Birmingham
> Joanna Berzowska, Assistant Professor, University in Montreal
> Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Author & Lecturer
> Julia Cassim, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art
> Andrew Chetty, Arts Consultant
> Carole Collet, Director Textile Futures, Central Saint Martins College
> of
> Art and Design
> Joan Farrer, Reader, Royal college of Art
> Frances Geesin, Research Fellow, London College of Fashion
> Rory Hamilton, Interactive Design, Royal college of Art
> Jane Harris, Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins College of
> Art
> and Design
> Ros Hibbert, Textile Consultant
> Suzanne Lee, Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins College of
> Art
> and Design
> Alan Lewis, Director of Research, University of Wales Institute
> Cardiff
> Jane McCann, Researcher, University of Wales, Newport
> Stephen Scrivener, Research Professor, Central Saint Martins College
> of
> Art and Design
> Mick Siddons, Consultant, CR8ive Solutions Ltd
> Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN
> David Smith, Reader, University of Wales, Newport
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