McCoys Win Wired Rave Award

Posted by Rachel Greene | Fri Feb 25th 2005 1:30 p.m.

I just read on MTEWW's blog that Jenn and Kevin won this award from
WIRED. It's called the WIRED Rave award. Congrats from everyone at

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy
for turning media crit into pop art

Latest hit: Soft Rains, a collection of miniature film sets used to
deconstruct genres like '50s melodrama and '80s slasher flicks. Feeds
from 50 videocams are channeled through software that edits them into
ever-changing vignettes.

Dada meets data: The McCoys' MO is to compile thousands of film clips - =

from footage they've shot to snippets snagged from Looney Tunes
cartoons and TV shows like Starsky and Hutch - break them down into
categories, then create short films straight from their databases.
"Instead of looking at point, line, and plane - classic Bauhaus design =

- we're using popular culture," says Jennifer, 36.

Jargon watch: The McCoys turned corporate-speak into an art form with =

1999's Airworld. They set up office on the 91st floor of Tower One at
the World Trade Center and wrote a Web crawler to harvest marketing
language from the sites of big companies to show the absurdity and
familiarity of their jargon.

Amazing stories: The McCoys often rely on daily life and sci-fi motifs =

to spark creativity. For Soft Rains, they turned to Ray Bradbury's
short story "There Will Come Soft Rains" and its theme of total
automation. They've tapped Philip K. Dick's Valis to devise a talking
elevator and the original Star Trek series for their latest project, I =

Number the Stars, in which they plan to catalog all the technological
activities aboard the Enterprise.

Next: The British Film Institute commissioned the pair to create an
electronic sculpture exploring how the media affects people's lives.
With this project, they'll turn the lens on themselves. "It's very
abject to include ourselves," says Kevin, 38. "Like little voodoo
dolls." - Laura Moorhead

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