Valerie Lamontagne Feb. 19 - March 2 @ InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto

Posted by Valérie Lamontagne | Tue Feb 15th 2005 8:18 a.m.

Peau d'Ane
Valerie Lamontagne

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
Open Studio: February 19 - March 2, 2005
Work-in-progress Exhibition: March 4 - 24, 2005

In the Charles Perrault fairy tale Peau d'Ane, a young princess, whose
family's riches are dependent on a gold-excreting donkey, orders
impossible wedding gifts from her father in order to avoid marrying
him: three dresses made of immaterial materials. The first is to be
made of the "sky" and should be as light and airy as the clouds. The
second is to be made of "moonbeams" and should reflect the same lyrical
intensity as the moon at night. The third, and last, is to be made of
"sunlight" and should be as blinding and warm as the sun above.

From February 19 to March 2, 2005, InterAccess' gallery space will be
transformed into an artist studio in order for Lamontagne to develop
one of three wearables projects based on the famous Charles Perrault
folk tale. Visitors are welcome to drop by during gallery hours to meet
and talk with the artist about Peau d'Ane and any of her previous
performance and electronic artwork.

The aim of Peau d'Ane is to incarnate the impossible dresses from the
story to material form through the amalgamation of Art Nouveau modes
and embedded circuitry.
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