I always liked to sing, but everyone told me not to, anyway, I stopped smoking

Posted by Annie Abrahams | Tue Feb 8th 2005 6:03 p.m.

Hello, bonjour,

"I don't want to be a nice girl", Not a web work. A mp3 song by
abrahams&de weille 3.57min

"I confirm" cd-rom. Not a web piece. Just an announcement. The visitor
of an exhibition can view ten videos. In each video a different person :
an art official, a scientist, a computer programmer, a housekeeper, a
bookkeeper, a designer, an artist, etc. will confirm in his/her own way
that it's really art, that is surrounding the visitor. (what, where,
whenever the cd-rom is shown)

"Writing as a Woman: Annie Abrahams" "e-writing" article by Lisa Joyce
for the Electronic Book Review

"alone" featured in "Pop Up" by Abe Linkoln

Thank you for your attention
Annie Abrahams

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