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Posted by Rachel Greene | Mon Feb 7th 2005 noon

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> The second annual Women In Games Conference in Britain has been
> announced for August 8th, 9th and 10th at the University of Abertay in
> Dundee, Scotland. The conference will attempt to highlight the most
> recent, groundbreaking work in computer game research and development
> to
> both academic and industrial worlds.
> The aim of the conference is fourfold: to analyze the role of women in
> the
> videogame industry; to discuss the future of games that appeal to
> female
> gamers; to provide an opportunity for women in the videogame industry
> to
> network; and to provide an opportunity to present and
> discuss the latest videogame research.
> A call for papers is currently being made for the conference, with the
> following subjects being highlighted as possible topics: history of
> women
> in computing and computer games, issues facing women in the games
> industry, games and education, games and usability, understanding
> gameplay, motivation in gaming, depiction of females in games, avatars
> as
> female role models, design and usability considerations for
> women/girls and cultural variation in gameplay.
> Further details can be found at the official website, with the deadline
> for submissions being March 21st.
> http://www.womeningames.com/
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