Monitoring Media Art Preservation

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Monitoring Media Art Preservation

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For years the Danish Video Art Data Bank provided us with e-news about the =
international video art world and preservation. Now this initiative will ha=
ve to stop and the European video and media art community could need a new =
provider. It was this realization that prompted the setup of the Netherland=
s Media Art Institutes plans. From January 2005 on the Netherlands Institut=
e for Media Art will publish her Media Art Preservation Resources on her we=
bsite <> . New media art preserv=
ation research, visited events, publications and presentations will be publ=
ished as an online newsletter. As a tribute to Torben Soborgs Video Art e=
-monitor we will call this service Monitoring Media Art Preservation.

Monitoring Media Art Preservation is the online newsletter on preservation =
of the Netherlands Media Art Institute and offers 4 times a year informatio=
n and news about ongoing research, presentations and publications dealing w=
ith video and media art preservation. The newsletter will be in English onl=

Subscribe/ Unsubscribe: <> preservation@m=

Editor: Gaby Wijers <>

INCCA Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art project

As of June 1, 2004, the Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art p=
roject, initiated by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, is of=
ficially under way. This research project into the management and conservat=
ion of installations is taking place within the framework of the EU's Cultu=
re 2000 program.

The rapid obsolescence of media technologies, interactivity and, for instan=
ce, the site specific character of many installations are a challenge for p=
revailing views about long-term conservation, documentation and presentatio=
n. Thirty complex installations (many multimedia) are being set up, investi=
gated and documented in the project. By sharing their experience the partne=
rs are working together in developing guidelines for conservation, re-insta=
llation and documentation of installation art. <> htt=

Presentation PACKED

Wednesday February 9 Markies building, Markiesstraat Brussels, Belgium.

PACKED stands for: Platform for the Archiving and Preservation of Artistic =
Creations on Electronic or Digital Bearers. PACKED is an initiative by the =
Flemish museums Smak and Muhka along with argos, centre for audiovisual art=
s. The full report of PACKED shall be presented in Brussels a Dutch version=
of the report will be made available online in February 2005.

9 February 2005,

The preservation platform is targeted, among other things, towards the exch=
ange and compilation of expertise and information on preservation and archi=
ving, collection building and the public disclosure of audiovisual creation=
s, as well discussions on the subject and the development of short-term pol=
icy preparation. <>

Media Art Preservation Conference

Preservation or Documentation? Conservation or Digital Distribution

Media art works represent some of the most compelling and significant artis=
tic creations of our time. Because of their short live, technical, or other=
wise variable natures and because of the variability and rapid obsolescence=
of the media formats, they also present significant obstacles to accurate =
documentation, access, and preservation. Without strategies for preservatio=
n many of these vital works will be lost to future generations.

February 14 2005 the Netherlands Media Art Institutes will offer the specia=
lists in this field the opportunity to get a state of the art overview on t=
he conservation and documentation of media art by presenting prominent inte=
rnational speakers and projects.

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