Posted by tom holley | Tue Feb 1st 2005 8:52 a.m.

Launches 1st February 2005

Surrealist Poetry creates poems by randomly
mixing together text-based newsfeeds taken from
online news sources. The poems are uploaded to
Speakers Corner every hour; the results are
unpredictable, occasionally irreverent and
sometimes provocative.


Filmgoers meet doomed cinema
sacks government, What A withdrawn
For What Traffic warden
launch by Interface for Bush

to Work Ring Up
Supr Nova .org Go Industry Bigger church
GIMP 2.2 for acne
Rosegarden Developers Developers Interviewed Bombs

Speakers Corner is a 15 metre LED display
located on the exterior of The Media Centre,
Huddersfield. Functioning as an architectural
interface to the Internet and wireless networks,
it is an open media system, available to the
public locally and remotely. Users can send text
messages directly to the board via an SMS facility,
and the website allows users to write text messages
to Speakers Corner remotely.
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