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Posted by Rachel Greene | Thu Jan 20th 2005 11:13 a.m.

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> From: Lars Gustav Midboe <lars.midboe@electrohype.org>
> Date: January 20, 2005 1:10:44 PM EST
> To: rachel@rhizome.org
> Subject: Electrohype throws in the towel
> Electrohype throws in the towel
> After five years of promoting and advocating computer based art
> Electrohype have to close down its activities. It both a sad and
> strange feeling to have to close down, especially when we are thinking
> of the fact that we right now are presenting the large exhibition in
> Malmo Konsthall. The exhibition Electrohype 2004 has been visited by
> more than 27000 person so far and the reviews have been very good, but
> it might also be the last things we are organizing. On the positive
> side maybe we can see it as a beautiful ending.
> We had hoped and believed that this exhibition, together with
> previous exhibitions and other activities, should be a positive
> breaking point for the organization. But we were wrong.
> A couple of weeks ago we were told by the Malmo City Art council that
> they turned down our application for funding for our activities for
> 2005. We had applied for 180 000 sek (20000 euro), to cover basic
> costs such as rent and phones etc, and a couple of smaller
> exhibitions. According to our plans additional funding could be raised
> for other activities from other sources during the year.
> Electrohypes application for activities was also turned down last
> year, the period were we were heavily involved in the preparation for
> the ongoing exhibition in Malmo Konsthall. This together wit the fact
> that we also was denied project funding for the ongoing exhibition
> itself in Malmo Konsthall make us really disappointed by the attitude
> from the City of Malmo.
> We should mention that we have been offered a consolation in the form
> of a project grant
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