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Posted by nathaniel stern | Mon Nov 29th 2004 8:34 a.m.

Apologies for cross-posting; it's important stuff, I swear.

Inspired by a visit to the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA),
joburg local digi-artists decided it was time to start a similar
organization in Johannesburg, South Africa. Community leaders worked
together with WSOA Digital Arts to launch Art & Technology, johannesburg
( With the similar intentions of promoting, exploring,
discussing, and exhibiting art and (artists working with) technology in
South Africa and the world, our test-run event featured the work of DATA
co-founder, Jonah Brucker-Cohen., although founded by a Wits lecturer, has no base. The events,
usually held about once/month, range in space from galleries, to bars,
clubs, studios, and the Wits' digital convent and lab. Our presenters are
musicians, VJs & DJs, academics, artists, designers, curators,
technologists, poets and dancer/choreographers.

Our aims are to showcase local work, facilitate presentations by visiting
artists, and promote collaboration and dialogue between talents working in
varying disciplines, backgrounds and media, at the intersection of Art &

Any event organizer or artist in the Gauteng area can contact us for a
username and password, to blog your events on the site; any person may throw
an affiliated event - so long as it is in line with our goals,
open to the public, and free! We are actively recruiting leaders of the Art
& Technology community for participation - both on and offline.

We ask you to contribute, and to watch this space - - for upcoming events!

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