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Posted by Ian Clothier | Thu Nov 4th 2004 3:33 p.m.

Call for data

The Research Centre for Non-Psychotic Multiple Identities
District of Leistavia
InterRepublic of Hybridia

The Research Centre for Non-Psychotic Multiple Identities {aka C4MIDs} is centrally funded by Leistavian ideology to explore multiplicity in identity. The Centre co-ordinates projects that assists, identifies and authenticates multiple identities.

Multiple identities database
The Multiple Identities Database (MIDs) gathers information about multiple identities. These are not unusual in the arts - Marcel Duchamp had Rose Selavy; Andy Warhol was aka Drella. New Zealand Aotearoa has a highly regarded one person collective: et al, consisting of merit groting, blanche readymade, p mule, minerva betts and others.

Information about people and their multiple identities is being collected by C4MIDs. Please email with data.

On account of privacy and related issues, the Centre reserves the right to monitor submitted information and if there is a complaint about data held in the register, it may be withdrawn.

Projects that the Centre co-ordinates fall into four main categories: hybrid identities, multiple identities, the multiple identities database and authenticating identities. The Centre is always interested to hear of proposals for projects.

Ian Clothier
District of Leistavia
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