Posted by Jeremy Zilar | Thu Nov 4th 2004 8:02 a.m.

Fuck the media.

Ok, if you go to CNN's website today, you'll see them proudly proclaiming
that the "Most of Americans are hopeful after the election." and the the
"majority of americans believe Bush will unite the country in his second

Oh, sounds so happy and wonderful, doesn't it? Well, as we know, most people
don't get past the headlines in articles. If you actually read the article,
you see who this "majority of americans" really is:

"Fifty-seven percent of 621 American adults surveyed Wednesday night said
they expect Bush to unite the nation during his second term."

Yeah. So according to CNN, fifty-seven percent of 621 people represent a
"majority of americans." lessee, fifty-seven percent of 621... 353.97
people. Now does that sound like a majority to you?

According the the US Census Bureau, there are about 300 million people in
America. So let's see... If I did my math right, that means about 0.0001% of
the population. Yeah. Sorry, CNN, but that doesn't sound like a majority to
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