Leonardo/ISAST gives New Horizons Award for Innovation to Critical Art Ensemble

Posted by Leonardo/ISAST | Mon Oct 25th 2004 6:21 p.m.

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October 25, 2004
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Leonardo/ISAST Announces:

Leonardo/ISAST gives New Horizons Award for Innovation to Critical Art

The Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
Governing Board (Leonardo/ISAST) is pleased to announce a special Leonardo
New Horizons Award given to Critical Art Ensemble (CAE). CAE is
internationally acclaimed for their artistic work in fields such as
biotechnology, robotics and tactical media. Their performances and
installations have reached viewers around the world and have broken new
ground in the often controversial area of new technologies.

The Leonardo/ISAST Governing Board voted to give CAE this special award to
affirm the principle that artists should engage emerging technologies and be
willing to take critical stances that may be at odds with those of the
mainstream. Freedom of artistic expression and research form a part of the
foundation of an open society. For more information on Critical Art
Ensemble, please visit http://www.critical-art.net.

Leonardo/ISAST recognizes the challenges that artists face as they strive
for exposure and recognition. These challenges are amplified for artists
working with new media and new techniques---especially for those artists who
are pushing the boundaries of the integration of art and technology. The
Leonardo New Horizons Award for Innovation was initiated to recognize new
and emerging artists for innovation in new media. Evelyn Edelson-Rosenberg,
Jean-Marc Philippe, Jaroslav Belik, Peter Callas, Patrick Boyd, Christian
Schiess, I Wayan Sadra, Kitsou Dubois, Gregory Barsamian, Graham Harwood and
Ewen Chardronett have received this award.

More information on previous Leonardo New Horizons Award winners can be
found at: http://leonardo.info/isast/awards.html.

For over 35 years, Leonardo/ISAST has served the international arts
community by promoting and documenting work at the intersection of the arts,
sciences, and technology, and by encouraging and stimulating collaboration
between artists, scientists, and technologists. Leonardo/ISAST activities
include publication of the art, science and technology journal Leonardo;
Leonardo Music Journal; the Leonardo Book Series; the electronic journal,
Leonardo Electronic Almanac; and our World Wide Web Site, Leonardo On-Line
(all published by The MIT Press). More information about Leonardo/ISAST
membership and activities can be found online at: http://www.leonardo.info.
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