Drain Issue 03-Deterritorialization

Posted by Avantika Bawa | Sun Oct 24th 2004 6:47 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that the third issue of Drain: Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture is now available online (www.drainmag.com).

The theoretical parameters for this issue revolve around the concept of'Deterritorialization'. It features essays by Ian Buchanan, Felicity Colman, Bianca Hester, Adrian Parr and Jon Roffe. Carla Lipsig-Mumme and Simon O'Sullivan have contributed pieces in the creative writing section, whilst the artists' works feature contributions by Shelly Bahl, Michelle Barczak, Avantika Bawa, Bianca Hester, Tim Jackson, and Sara Padgett. The review and interview section features the works of Peter Horvarth, Craig Drennen and Rana Bishara written by Celina Jeffery,Fred Jesser and Sandro
Imperato respectively.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome Greg Minissale, an art historian of Islamic art and critical theorist to the Drain team of editors and Alex Young as part of the site management.

Dis solve- an aquaspace exhibtion organized in conjunction with this issue will take place during the second week of November, with a formal opening
on the 6th of Nov, from 6-9.30 pm. Look out for details!

With this third issue now in place, we are excited to see the rapid growth of the journal and its audience. We wish you a stimulating, thought provoking and enjoyable read and look forward to comments and
contributions for our upcoming issue, Lost In Translation.


Avantika Bawa
Michelle Barzak
Celina Jeffery
Adrian Parr

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