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Posted by Leonardo/ISAST | Fri Oct 22nd 2004 12:18 p.m.

Leonardo Abstracts Service - Call for Submissions

As part of the Leonardo Educators Initiative, the Leonardo Abstracts Service
(LABS) is pleased to announce its first cycle of shortlisted peer reviewed
abstracts. Scholars published in the first cycle in the Leonardo Electronic
Almanac October 2004

* Peter Anders: A Procedural Model for the Integration of Physical and
Cyberspaces in Architecture Thesis Supervisors: Roy Ascott, Michael
Phillips, Michael Punt

* Principles of Metadesign: Processes and Levels of Co-Creation in the New
Design Space by Elisa Giaccardi Thesis Supervisor: Roy Ascott

* Fatima Lasay: Phase Space Portraits of the Nuestra Seqora delos Dolores of
Baclayon Thesis Supervisor: Santiago Albano Pilar

* Maureen A. Nappi: Language, Memory and Volition: Toward an Aesthetics of
Computer Arts Thesis Supervisors: Benjamin Binstock and Judith R. Weissman

LABS is seeking PhD, Masters and MFA thesis abstracts for its next
publication cycle. Authors of theses interested in having their thesis
abstract considered for publication should fill out the Thesis Abstract
Submittal form at http://leonardolabs.pomona.edu

Deadline for submission is: 15 November 2004

What is LABS?
LABS is a comprehensive database of Ph.D., Masters and MFA thesis abstracts
in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology.
Individuals receiving advanced degrees in the arts (visual, sound,
performance, text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology, which
in some way investigate philosophical, historical, or critical applications
of science or technology to the arts, are invited to submit an abstract of
their thesis for publication consideration in this database.

The LABS project does not seek to duplicate existing thesis databases but
rather to give visibility to interdisciplinary work that is often hard to
retrieve from existing databases. The abstracts are available online at
Pomona College, Claremont, California, so that interested persons can access
them at no cost.

The English language peer review panel for 2004/2005 are Pau Alsina, Jody
Berland, Sean Cubitt, Frieder Nake, Sheila Pinkel and Stephen Petersen.

What is the Leonardo International Academic Community?
The Leonardo International Academic Community is a mailing list to encourage
discussion and exchange of ideas (to join email: lea [@] mitpress [dot] mit
[dot] edu with a brief introduction) amongst leaders and thinkers in
academia. Academics also receive the Leonardo International Faculty Alerts -
announcing job and other opportunities in the field.

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