Workshop - Sonic Process with Kim Cascone

Posted by Sofia Oliveira | Fri Oct 22nd 2004 4:21 a.m.

Workshop - Sonic Process with Kim Cascone
“Emergent Content Creation Using Simple Genetic Algorithms”
15 - 17 November 2004, Lisbon, Portugal,

A workshop. A process. A working model for open source material. The creation of an experimental emergent sonic piece.

In this workshop each participant acts as an active node in a creative network. Using software you normally use we will embark on an experiment to breed a piece of audio art. We will evolve a sound piece starting with a library of sound files provided by the .microsound list and then will mutate and cross-breed them until a work of sonic art emerges. The final piece will then be performed for the public by the group at the end of the workshop.

Kim Cascone is a central figure in the development of electronic music. Collaborated with David Lynch and Staccato Systems as a Sound Designer. As an author, he has over 30 editions and has collaborated with names such as Merzbow, Scanner, Keith Rowe, Tony Conrad. Has published articles in Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), Parachute Journal and is the founder of the list.

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Atmosferas is a cultural project that stands at the intersection of the arts, the sciences and the technologies based in Lisbon.

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