(debug.): Primary Techno Noir

Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Wed Oct 13th 2004 6:19 p.m.

(debug.): Primary Techno Noir
edited by Kenji Siratori
contributors: Eugene Thacker, Simon Logan, Jason Lubyk, Gregory Esplin, Reza Negarestani.
ISBN: 0-595-33182-3

PRIMARY TECHNO NOIR::SET UP::technojunkies' hunting for the grotesque WEB=insanity medium of the human body pill cruel emulator gene-dub of the soul/gram made of retro-ADAM to the ecstasy system of the acidHUMANIX infection archive genomics strategy circuit that jointed the mass of flesh-module::the data of a chemical=anthropoid super-genomewarable abolition world-codemaniacs murder game of the trash sensor drug embryo that biocaptures to the emotional replicant disillusionment-modules of the hyperreal HIV=scanners that dashes clone-dive her digital=vamp cold-blooded disease animals is ejected to neuromatic...."the nerve cells that were processed the data=mutant of her abolition world-codemaniacs emotional replicant that omits the brain universe of the hyperreal HIV=scanner form murder-gimmick of a chemical=anthropoid to biocapturism genomics battle to a hybrid cadaver mechanism nightmare-script@tera=of=the murder-protocol of the acidHUMANIX infection archive_body encoder that clone-dives dogs different of a trash sensor drug embryo vital-to the DNA bomb mass of flesh-module that was controlled technojunkies' rave on gene-dub hyperlinks the cadaver feti=streaming circuit of the reptilian=HUB_modem=heart--.

The carnography of flesh has been imbued with Dust Soaps, mapped by nano-syntheses of dust with xenochemical hydro-currents and whatever flowing in the universe and mobilized by the anthropophagic artificial intelligence of dust epidemics. This is neither a slogan for glorifying the retrojection of flesh into monotheism and its Genesis basins nor a compliment for flesh and its carnal politics; it is just hinting at how flesh already is a reeking catacomb of dust compositions, drenched by their bacterial deluges and tides for nano-pest engineering, also suggesting how dust brutally carves niches into this catacomb, then depositing all data it has scavenged from bacterial milieus, inorganic planes, interstellar dimensions and oceanic wastelands in them.

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