The Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam

Posted by Alexander Galloway | Tue Oct 12th 2004 7:34 p.m.

information on geert lovink's new research institute in amsterdam. -ag

>> The Institute of Network Cultures (INC)
>> The Institute of Network Cultures (INC), which was set up in June
>> 2004, caters to research, meetings and (online) initiatives in the
>> area of internet and new media.
>> The INC functions as a framework within which a variety of studies,
>> publications and meetings can be realized. As indicated by its name,
>> the INC itself will also be active in setting up and maintaining
>> networks. Not only will it facilitate, but also initiate and produce
>> its projects. Its goal is to create an open organizational form with
>> a strong focus on content, within which ideas (emanating from both
>> individuals and institutions) can be given an institutional context
>> at an early stage. The INC aims to organize both public and internal
>> meetings and to formulate new research, based on the fusion of old
>> and new media. The INC sees it as its special task to give shape and
>> content to the digital public domain, with emphasis on the
>> interaction between aesthetics and social relations within
>> technological environments. Special attention will also be paid to
>> intercultural aspects and international cooperation.
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