REQUEST: Cartography/Artists

Posted by kanarinka akanarinak | Sat Oct 9th 2004 5:36 p.m.

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Hello all -

I am working with Denis Wood and others to compile a list (as comprehensive
as possible) of contemporary artists working with/about/around/through
cartography and maps. I would greatly appreciate the help of the &
new media community in assembling this list as I feel that it's a topic that
is intimately related to these fields.

The artists you send me can work in any medium (2d, 3d, performance,, sound, etc etc).

Please email me the following for each artist:

url (if they have one),
Titles of works related to cartography (if you know them)
Short description of artist's work (1 sentence or less)

If this list is published (which is the intention) then we will credit you
for your contribution.

Thanks for your help & best,
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