FW: 09.30.2004 - Watch the first presidential debate @ AI, reconstituted

Posted by kanarinka akanarinak | Sun Sep 26th 2004 6:17 a.m.

<http://artinteractive.org/html_email/shim.gif> Join us at Art
Interactive next Thursday, September 30th for a special event:

"reconstitution": an audio/visual transformation of the 2004
presidential debates, performed live with reconstituted video, audio,
and closed captions, and the aesthetic freshness you've come to expect
from the sosolimited collective.

What: "reconstitution", a live audio/visual transformation of the 2004
presidential debates

When: Thursday, September 30th, doors @ 8:30PM

Where: The Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Dr, Cambridge MA

Who: sosolimited, an audiovisual artist collective comprised of Timon
Botez, Eric Gunther, Justin Manor, and John Rothenberg

For more information: info@artinteractive.org or 617-498-0100

More details from sosolimited:

reConstitution is a two-part performance series in which we remix the
presidential debates in real-time. We will digitize the video, audio,
and close
captioning of the television signal on the fly and perform live
transformations on the
material. We will only use material sampled live during the course of
the debate.

The debates are a vital source of information for voters. Accordingly,
of the primary goals of the performance is to preserve the information
being presented and to remain as unbiased as possible. In the course of
the performance we will go through different modes, each of which will
have a different aesthetic and information design. Within each of these
modes, there will be room for us to react to the events of the debate
and pla y with the material. Each mode will be designed to structure the
information in a new and interesting way.

From an information standpoint, the performances will allow us to shed
light on various patterns and higher level structures that are difficult
to perceive during a traditional television broadcast of the event. For
example, we will have the ability to keep statistics of the number of
times each candidate says certain words and display graphics showing the
tallies. In addition, we will be able to save text and video from
specific moments in the debate and recall them at any moment.

who we are:

sosolimited is an audiovisual artist collective comprised of Timon
Eric Gunther, Justin Manor, and John Rothenberg. We design our own
software and specialize in audiovisual performance. We have performed in
Cambridge, New York, and at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz,

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