Posted by Ana Buigues | Mon Aug 9th 2004 5:45 a.m.


john cusackas watch
alanis morissetteas dictionary
lou as first lover
ben as waitress
lillith as the 5th writer of the ars amatoria
tim robbins as peter pan
noam chomskyas japanese painter
calista flockhartas unicornio
don quixoteas nat king cole
die biene majaas brandon teena
luisas cat
michael mooreas the guy with the camera
mark bellisas belly dancer
mary poppinsas velazquez
johan meskensas flamenco dancer
rowan atkinsonas lewis carroll
ovidas the guy with a cold
valerie giscar d'estaingas alanis morissette's voice (in play back)
virgin maryas madonna in gethsemane

Special thanks to the Bangladesh Pirate Software Association, the Canadian
Council of Saint Pierre et Michelon, Escuela de circo del 'Circo Gran Fele'
(Valencia), and BlockBusters (Madrid).
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