New Release: Smart-d

Posted by Natsuki Taniguchi | Fri Aug 6th 2004 2:06 p.m.

ISBN: 0-595-32545-9


Body]]cold-blooded disease animals fear*artificial sun of electron like the cell that glitters the love that got deranged....that basement chromosome went mad program the speed mutation of the ADAM doll suck blood stick of the machine=angel brain of B to asphalt-our beat, ANDROID that I was isolated scream, reality desire/despair that cancels the soul-machine of the angel mechanism to the love and cause a murder memory to our <secret> excited the ganglion that was paralyzed the pupil/mask of the gimmick girl that burn up to bioless sky of blue, it respires the era the brain of the rhythm without the reproduction. ::the digital vampire of solitude::(auto technology artificial ant that transfers the coordinates of suicide tripped were mapped)....fear-. The internal organ=consciousness miracle of season girl/speed that stimulate a control impossible brain cell invade into the net of digital vampire CUBE replicated awoke! And the artificial sun respires murderously........the lower part. Produced....clone boys/memory=second of the sun that shuts out insanity cyberBuddha of the chromosome to over there. I fabricate the apoptosis of T....
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