Cyborg Art History

Posted by Jason Scott | Mon Aug 2nd 2004 1:06 p.m.

Hello all how is the moment?
My name is Jason Scott. I am a student of Philosophy, Art History, and Computer Technology at Purdue University, with an interest in contemporary aesthetics and New-Media arts. Currently I am working as an archivist on a project entitled Cyborg Art History which is the description of an art history which actively integrates digital media and technology-driven art forms into the “canon” NOW, rather than waiting 30 years. Cyborg Art History involves the creation of an “art history” for these new forms, the development of a methodology for examination of these forms, development of a viewer or reception theory of these forms, a definition of a digital aesthetic and a post-postmodernism in reference to these forms, as well as issues pertaining to the display of these new media works both in traditional and contemporary settings. All too often the experience of art is dominated by theory. Thus, I work from the specific to the general, that is to say rather than creating broad speculative categories and then finding artists to reinforce them, I am looking specifically for artists who define a Cyborg Art History. Essentially my research requires artists who are concerned with the integration of New-Media art and other technology-based art forms which include, but are not limited to: digital art, including web art, printmaking, photography, video installations, robotic and sensor-based art, interactive art forms (such as art produced for CAVEs), digital galleries, and trans-genetic art. The depth of my interest lies particularly with the use of these forms to reference the human body as I am reassessing conceptual, body, and performance art as fundamental to an understanding of the significance of New-Media and technology-based art forms. Artists such as Lee Bul, Natalie Jeremijenko, Isabelle Choiniere, Eduardo Kac, and Jason Salavon are ideal. Collaboration is the key to unlocking intelligence and so I am reaching out to you for suggestions. A list of artists with enough contact information, such as an!
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r Website, to obtain a representative image would be best. Next galleries (whether physical or digital) who specialize in New-Media arts such as Postmasters would be excellent. For the sake of all, art, and artists, please take some time to gel with these ideas. I look forward to your support as it is vital. Perhaps it would be best if we speak over the phone. If so, Email me a convenient time to contact you.
Jason Scott
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