Rhizome.org Organizational Subscriptions Program

Posted by Jessica Ivins | Sun Jul 25th 2004 6:48 p.m.

To the Rhizome Community:

My name is Jessica Ivins, Intern/Assistant with the staff at Rhizome. I'm
writing on behalf of Rhizome to seek your assistance in promoting our
organizational subscriptions program. Purchased at the institutional
level, these subscriptions are offered so that staff/faculty/members can
have access to Rhizome without having to pay for individual memberships.
Subscriptions are available to institutions worldwide such as museums,
universities, art centers, media centers, libraries, etc.

As you know, Rhizome depends primarily upon foundation funding and
individual membership fees for financial support. Organizational
subscriptions help to expand our membership base while earning funding for

We are especially seeking colleges and universities to subscribe with us
for the upcoming academic year beginning in August/September. A list of
colleges, universities, and other institutions currently subscribing to
Rhizome can be viewed at the organizational subscriptions page:

Please contact me, Jessica Ivins at Jessica@rhizome.org, or Rachel Greene,
Executive Director, at Rachel@rhizome.org, with any questions regarding
organizational memberships. A wealth of information about organizational
subscriptions, including pricing and sign-up procedures, is also available
at http://rhizome.org/info/org.php.

If your organization is in a poor or excluded community, contact me as we
can subsidize memberships for qualifying institutions.

Please help us expand the ranks of who can use and access Rhizome by
passing on this information to colleagues, friends, etc.


Jessica G. Ivins
Intern/Assistant, Rhizome.org
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