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Posted by Carol Wald | Fri Jul 23rd 2004 6:21 p.m.

I'm picking up your announcement for the Electronic Literature Organization's website news feed and newsletter, but I can't run the entire thing. Can you provide a URL to which I can refer people? I tried hunting around the RISD site a bit but couldn't find it . . .Thanks.

Carol Ann Wald
Electronic Literature Organization

Cynthia Beth Rubin wrote:

> Rhode Island School of Design Workshops in Digital Media
> Providence, Rhode Island , USA
> RISD is offering a series of 1 day and 2-3 day intensive workshops in
> Digital Media. Taught by experienced practicing artists, the
> workshops are intended to provide participants with practical and
> creative skills which are immediately applicable to projects.
> Providence is located about an hour from Boston, and about 3.5 hours
> from New York City. RISD is walking distance from the train station,
> with regular commuter service from Boston and Amtrak service from
> Boston, New York, and other Northeast Cities. Providence is also
> served by an airport and bus service. For information on visiting
> Rhode Island, go to
> To register for workshops, contact the RISD office of Continuing
> Education <> or 1(401)454-6209.
> 2 -3 Day workshops are listed below the 1 Day Workshops
> ====================================
> Please Forward to any one who may be interested
> apologies for cross-postings
> =====================================
> One Day Workshops
> PowerPoint for Image Presentations
> COM-2596 | Cynthia Beth Rubin
> What will you do when asked to speak about your work? A practical
> approach to using PowerPoint for artists, designers, historians and
> others, this intensive course concentrates on letting the work speak
> for itself. No PowerPoint bells and whistles; the techniques presented
> in this class focus on creating easy, elegant, controlled sequences of
> existing images. Participants in the workshop may bring their own
> digitized images in any format; images from the Edna Lawrence Nature
> Lab will also be made available.
> Thursday, September 9
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> Blogs, Journals + Online Forums
> COM-2553 | Stephanie Obodda
> Andy Warhol predicted that everyone would be famous for fifteen
> minutes. Today, on the web, everyone can be famous to fifteen people.
> Blogging - distributed, interactive, online publishing - has
> gained enormous popularity. The word “blog” combines the last
> letter of the word “web” with the word “log.” It is one of the
> most effective ways to reach a worldwide audience instantaneously and
> without cost. Blogging enables individuals and businesses to keep a
> running journal or forum that others can read and comment on.
> Moreover, it is user-friendly, requiring little technical knowledge to
> create and update. Whether for fun or business, come to this
> mini-workshop and enter the modern world of blogs.
> Applies to the following certificate program (3 contact hours): WE-E
> section 01
> Thursday, September 9
> 6:30-9:30pm
> section 02
> Thursday, October 28
> 3-6pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $65
> Cinema 4D as a Modeling Package
> COM-2279 | Carl Fasano
> Participants in this workshop learn how to model sculptural forms
> using the software package Cinema 4D. This intensive course can serve
> as an introduction to Cinema 4D, and/or establish a solid foundation
> for moving to other 3-D modeling packages. We also explore how to
> effectively light objects and import interesting textures or images to
> map onto your forms. The final results are still image captures of the
> forms that can be imported into 2-D software such as Adobe Photoshop
> for quality printing, as well as geometry that can be exported in
> common formats for subsequent import into other 3-D programs.
> Friday, September 10
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> iMovie Basics
> COM-2586 | Naomi Ribner
> Here is an intensive introduction to importing and exporting digital
> video, using the basic editing features in iMovie. We will produce
> short videos of approximately 3 minutes, edited from 5-10 minutes of
> footage. Participants in this workshop may bring their own short
> digital videos, or shoot during class (bring your digital camera if
> you have one). Participants also receive an overview of how to prepare
> to movies for DVD, and should bring blank mini dv tapes, DVD disks, or
> firewire drives to class.
> Monday, September 27
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> Creating PDFs + Handouts: Image + Text in InDesign
> COM-2807 | Mark Laughlin
> Stop worrying whether you have compatible software to read or print
> your documents. Create a biography, artist’s statement, syllabus,
> grant application or other document that can be printed, e-mailed
> and/or posted online without losing any of the original formatting.
> This intensive course involves setting up a simple but elegant short
> document in Adobe InDesign for hand-out and electronic distribution as
> a PDF. Participants in this workshop may bring their own short (one
> page) texts in any basic word-processing format, or exported as a .rtf
> file. Images from the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab will be provided, or
> students may bring their own digitized images.
> Thursday, September 30
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> Making the Most of Resolution + Compression: Scanning, Digital
> Photography + Digital Video Formats
> COM-2818 | Elaine Froehlich
> Bring your slides, photographs, drawings, and small objects to this
> intensive workshop to be input into the computer. We review the
> commonly used options for importing and saving digital images and
> video in various formats. We also explore color correction, including
> embedding color profiles in Adobe Photoshop. Participants working with
> rasterized files exported from CAD and other modeling programs are
> also welcome.
> Friday, October 1
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> Animating Line, Form + Text: Motion Graphics in Flash
> COM-0705 | Kelly Driscoll
> Flash is more than just a format for websites; it is also a useful
> environment for animating vector-based graphics, including
> transforming shapes and text over time. Participants in this workshop
> leave with a short animation that can be uploaded to the web or played
> on a CD. Expect to learn how to draw in Flash, as well as how to
> import files from Illustrator.
> Sunday, October 3
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> The Web as a Digital Gallery: Making a Web Site of Images
> COM-2539 | Cynthia Beth Rubin
> Working with Dreamweaver, students in this course will construct a
> basic HTML-based website designed for the display of digital images.
> Participants may bring their own digitized images in any format;
> images from the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab will also be available. At
> the end of the workshop each student has an online portfolio of
> approximately six images. Students can upload the pages to their own
> web address if available, or burn them to a CD.
> Saturday, October 9 (Alumni Weekend)
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> Creative 3-D Modeling in Rhino: Making a Virtual Spoon
> COM-2527 | Douglas Stern
> Explore the possibilities of creative 3-D form in Rhino. Work with
> manipulating geometric forms, and with importing vector based line
> art. Participants in this workshop learn how to make forms that are
> consistent with their ongoing design work. These forms may be prepared
> for 3-D output to a rapid proto-typing printer.
> Friday, October 22
> 10am-5pm
> 1 session
> tuition: $185
> ======================================
> Two & Three Day Workshops
> Final Cut Pro I
> COM-2540-02 | Ralph D. Fasano  
> Who needs a studio to produce a professional-looking video? Using
> Apple’s highly reputed digital editing application Final Cut Pro,
> students in this workshop quickly learn to edit a short film, a
> documentary and a music video. We cover the entire nonlinear editing
> workflow, from digitizing source footage to outputting back to
> videotape, fine-tuning edits, timing them to music, mixing audio
> levels, creating titles and outputting the finished piece to
> videotape. If you have ever wanted to know how to assemble your
> fragmented collection of video clips into a unified,
> professional-looking piece, this course is for you.
> Prerequisite: Computer Applications for Digital Design or equivalent
> Friday through Sunday, September 10-12, 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $395
> Making Your Digital Images Extraordinary in Photoshop
> COMC-2505 | Cynthia Rubin  
> Photographs, slides, prints, paintings, drawings, real objects and
> more can be composed, enhanced and transformed with the powerful
> features offered by Adobe Photoshop. Using your imagination and
> Photoshop’s capability to create transparencies, patterns, textures
> and distortions, ordinary photographs can become attention-getting
> imagery for the web and other visual media. Experiment with tools,
> such as digital tablets, and other features that can create a range of
> effects, from seamlessly blending your pictures into a collage to
> simplifying them for clean icons and graphics. Full-color, duotone and
> monochromatic images are printed on our archival printer. Whatever
> your level of expertise, this course helps you make Photoshop work for
> you.
> Prerequisite: Basic computer experience
> Friday through Sunday, September 10-12
> 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $395 / lab fee: $35
> The ABCs: Absolutely Basic Computer Skills
> COMC-2597 | Joanna Roux  
> Start at the very beginning in this introductory-level course designed
> for those who want to feel more comfortable around computers. First we
> review the features of Macintosh and PC operating systems and define
> what is meant by software and hardware. Next, we start up the
> “desktop,” and explore how to create and retrieve information by
> creating folders, naming files and opening documents. Basic tools and
> keyboard shortcuts are demonstrated to highlight the distinction
> between such operations as “cut and paste” and “copy and
> paste,” as well as “save” and “save as.” Finally, we explore
> effective ways to work with documents, learning to set preferences
> that work best to meet our goals.
> Friday through Sunday, September 10-12, 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $325 / lab fee: $20
> Teaching with the Web: How to Build a Learning Community
> COM-2823 | Kelly Driscoll  
> Whether teaching preschoolers or adults, you can easily develop a
> whole new conceptual framework for creating vital educational
> activities and experiences for students by exploring the possibilities
> of online media. Bring to this class some lessons, exercises, digital
> images or website addresses you love, and by using Macromedia Flash,
> turn that “content” into interactive multimedia that will truly
> engage your students, enhancing both their level of interest and their
> level of comprehension. Participants in this course are shown
> little-known sources for templates, free tools and online learning
> support documents. The workshop also introduces interactive
> applications for facilitating student-to-student and
> student-to-teacher communication, as well as for conducting class
> forums. Finally, each participant leaves the workshop with an
> invaluable packet of information for future reference.
> Friday + Saturday, September 10 + 11, 10am-5pm
> 2 sessions
> Tuition: $275
> Jump into Maya: 3-D in Three Days
> COM-2530 | Jeffrey Yan  
> This intensive three-day course introduces Maya, the Academy
> Award-winning software. Think of Shrek, Monsters, Inc. and the Lord of
> the Rings trilogy to get an idea of what Maya can do. In this brief
> start-up course, learn the basic steps necessary to create 3-D digital
> models using its robust polygonal modeling tools to set up a simple
> skeleton system, which can then be animated and simulated with
> keyframes. The final out-come is a sample 3-D animated character and a
> 15-second QuickTime movie. No previous 3-D experience needed!
> Prerequisite: Basic computer experience
> Friday through Sunday, September 17-19, 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $395
> JavaScript for Non-Programmers
> COM-2512 | Susan Franz  
> This course introduces the concepts, terminologies and applications of
> JavaScript, a platform-independent, event-driven, interpreted
> programming language that enables a web designer to add exciting
> features to what might otherwise be a static web page. Students learn
> how to utilize and customize freely available scripts, how to avoid
> common pitfalls, and how JavaScript enables the page to communicate
> with features of the browser. Class exercises give students the
> experience of setting up a small set of web pages using examples of
> JavaScript, such as status bar messages, event handlers and image
> rollovers. The course starts with an introduction to the document
> object model and includes basic concepts of programming. Note: This is
> not a course in Java.
> Prerequisite: The ability to work directly in HTML
> Friday through Sunday, September 17-19, 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $395
> Final Cut Pro II
> COM-2542-02 | Ralph D. Fasano
> While one can quickly learn the fundamentals of editing with Final Cut
> Pro, that is only the start. Once the edits look good and the sound is
> mixed, the next step is to apply special effects to make the video
> project stand out. Participants in this course use Final Cut Pro to
> create a wide array of effects, such as transitions, wipes,
> dip-to-colors, split screens, superimpositions, 3-D moves, and color
> adjustments. Students learn how to alter the playback rate of video
> using motion effects and freeze frames, and how to animate effect
> parameters (e.g., creating moving text or making a focused shot
> blurry). Throughout, students explore techniques for decreasing
> rendering times, designing custom multilayered effects, creating
> reusable effect templates, and incorporating Photoshop graphics into
> video. Note: Video footage is provided for class exercises.
> Prerequisite: Final Cut Pro I or equivalent
> Friday through Sunday, October 15-17, 10am-5pm
> 3 sessions
> Tuition: $395
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