CAE Benefit, London, UK, July 9

Posted by Rob La Frenais | Tue Jun 29th 2004 10:27 a.m.

Come and give your support, Friday July 9.

Urgent benefit to raise funds for the LEGAL DEFENCE of artist and academic Steve Kurtz and members of the CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE, currently appearing before a grand jury and liable to be indicted on June 29 2004 on trumped-up charges of bioterrorism.

Barry Schwabsky (art critic, co-editor international reviews, Artforum),Warren Neidich (NY artist, visiting artist Goldsmiths College) and Anjalika Sagar (UK artist), with the Arts Catalyst and ArtsAdmin invite you to join us in an unmissable gathering of artists, academics and concerned individuals to help raise the legal costs of Steve Kurtz of Critical Art

When: Friday July 9th, 2004, from 19.00 onwards

Where: The Courtroom, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS, England. Near Brick Lane and the Whitechapel Art Gallery (Aldgate East tube)

How much? Free, but bring your chequebook. We are suggesting a donation of at least 24 pounds sterling.

What's happening?: Drinks, food donated by Story organic deli, celebrity speakers to be announced, music, performance, exclusive footage of Steve Kurtz speaking at London's Natural History Museum and many other entertainments. If you are interested in art and the freedom of knowledge this is the time to lend your support.

For numbers, please let us know if you are planning to come:
020 7375 3690 or

We can accept cash or cheques only, no cards (payable to The Arts Catalyst), either on the door or to The Arts Catalyst at the above address. If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation, please do so either direct to the defence fund - - or by sending a cheque
to Arts Catalyst. The Arts Catalyst is a charitable arts organisation
(charity number: 1042433). Money donated will be transferred directly to the CAE Defense fund.

Why is money urgently needed?

Everyone deserves a fair trial and proper legal counsel. American legal fees are exorbitant and are already mounting up during the grand jury. Being indicted on or by June 29 could financially ruin Steve Kurtz for life. This is part of an international campaign to raise funds for his defence costs.

What happened to Steve Kurtz?

For further background read Clare Pentecost's excellent essay on

See you at the Benefit
Benefit Committee: Kathy Battista, Julien Dobbs-Higginson, Kodwo Eshun, Charlie Gere, Jan Hietala, Janis Jefferies, Susan and Ben Keisler, Karen Knorr, Kathy Kubicki, Sandra Percival, Marq Smith, John Slyce, Mark Tribe, Paul Wombell, Karen Wright, and Robert Zimmer.

Sponsor's note - Light fare donated by Story deli, purveyors of simple, honest, qualityorganically grown food, made in their own kitchen with heart and soul. 3 Dray Walk Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London.

Organisational help from:
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