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Posted by Yoshi Sodeoka | Thu May 27th 2004 9:47 a.m.

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> From: ryan junell <ryan@texasmonkey.com>
> Date: May 26, 2004 11:27:02 PM EDT
> Subject: RNC Video Project >> Website!
> check out: http://www.junell.net
> I finally got some research done and built a one-pager for my
> Republican National Convention Video Project coming up in the late
> summer. I'm sending this to you because I think you're a brilliant
> resource to draw on for useful wisdom and intelligence. This is very
> much a community project.
> - Please reply and comment critically about the way this thing is
> presented and positioned.
> - Please send this around to your friends in grants and funding
> organizations that might see this as a project they'd like to take
> under their wing, partially or wholly.
> - Please send this around to your talented friends who would like to
> participate as a crewmember
> I'm terribly, wonderfully turned on about this project! the more I
> research the elements that add up to this event, the more excited I
> get about creating an amazing media document. please let me know what
> you think.
> --
> Ryan.Junell
> RNC.Video.Project...www.junell.net...415.320.2487
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