Fraenkelstein Art Projects a Second art salon

Posted by erika fraenkel | Sun May 23rd 2004 10:07 p.m.

Fraenkelstein Art Projects - Second art salon
Organized and curated by Erika Fraenkel and Carlo Sansolo.

This art salon is dedicated to a few themes and some specific forms.
The themes are:
A - Hibrid forms
B- Strange utopies.
C- unrealizable and unlikely projects.
D- Propositions.

We accept works as text, image, diagrams, instalations, audio and video. The exhibitions will happen from the 31st of October of 2004.
We have some places which are interested in exhibiting the projects, but we hope that more collaborators will turn up and these collaborations will be in various points of the planet. These short exhibitions could happen in cultural centers, galleries, museums, clubs, garages, bakeries, playgrounds, flats, studios and others, places run by people who want to take part in the project.
To any specific theme we intend to prepare a web site, our intention is to have a cluster of web sites, these web sites will be interconnected to host the artistic propositions that people may send us.
We are not only looking for artisitic projects, but also places and artists who wish to exhibit artistic projects that they might feel as relevant and interesting.
The salon do not have a definitive deadline, but we would appreciate that the projects being sent as briefly as possible.
We also do not have idea as how the salon will develop or end as it has an open format, thus we have a clue as how it starts but nor really how it will end.
More info at:
To participate, email: , e
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