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Posted by Wendy Tremayne | Fri Apr 16th 2004 5:50 p.m.

Hello Rhizome,
You may have caught the thread between myself and Lee on this subject.
We made nice and concluded our back n forth on this one. This post I'm
submitting today was not written by me, it's from a friend of mine who
asked me to post for him. He felt strongly about the subject. If you
reply, I'll forward the reply to him.

Paradox of Political Art
Political artworks have always been problematic for me, especially

those with a hierarchical structure of morals or ethics. Aside from
the fact that they are visual, they demonstrate no difference from the
verbal discourses of various social and political organizations. Since
the art world is a small, exclusive community, one cannot help but to
question the effectiveness of such political evangelism. I also would
like to discuss below the validity of artist as a political position.

Political art as a conceptual art movement was born in the late 60's,
and continued on strongly into the 90's. It probably reached its height
in 1993 when Whitney Museum had its "political biennial." After
that,there was a backlash to political correctness. Then, 9-11 came.
Politics is once again in vogue.

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