Announcement: The Gates Live in Germany!

Posted by Jeremy Turner | Fri Apr 16th 2004 1:16 a.m.



The avatar band, The Gates will be performing live on
Thursday, April 22, 2004 via the internet. The
performance will be webcast into Berlin and Frankfurt
at 12:45 PM PST [23:45 PM German Time).

To view the concert, please download and install this
freeware avatar browser:

The room is to be announced. For more info, please
email Jeremy Turner at

The sponsors of the event are:
RocketShop @ Zentralbuero (Laura Schleussner - Berlin)

Dontmiss (Saul Judd - Frankfurt)

Meso Studios (Sebastian Oschatz - Frankfurt)

Aspekt1 Studios (Mathias Wollin - Frankfurt)

The full schedule of the performance event is as

Live Streaming Abend
22 April, 2004

22.00 Uhr: Konzert: Weapons of Mass Destruction, NY
23.45 Uhr: Konzert: The Gates, Konzert im Digital
Space Traveler
01.00 Uhr: Television (an address) - Ein Projekt von
Francois Bucher mit Tom Keenan, New Museum, NY

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