640 480's 2nd Annual Video Valentine Project

Posted by Jeremy Bailey | Sat Feb 7th 2004 7:47 p.m.

640 480's 2nd Annual Video Valentine Project. Sixteen video artists from Toronto, New York, London, Syracuse and Richmond have each created 30-second pieces for you to enjoy and send as e-cards. Share the video, share the love.


Featuring new work by:

Jeremy Bailey - Syracuse, NY
Shanan Kurtz - New York, NY
Gareth Long - Toronto, Canada
Jillian Locke - Toronto, Canada
David Politzer - Syracuse, NY
Philip Lee - London, UK
Ryan Mulligan - Richmond, VA
Richard Walker - London, UK
Jennifer Sullivan - New York, NY
Will Munro and Jeremy Laing - Toronto, Canada
Stephanie Comilang & Kevin Hegge - Toronto, Canada
Patrick Borjal - Toronto, Canada
Emelie Chhangur - Toronto, Canada
Matt Crookshank - Toronto, Canada

The 640 480 (six-forty four-eighty) Video Collective was conceived in 2001 as a platform for creating and curating new collaborative video and installation works. For more info please visit www.640480.com.

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