artport gate page February 04: "Motion" by Mark Napier

Posted by Christiane Paul | Mon Feb 2nd 2004 3:20 p.m.

artport gate page February 04
"Motion" by Mark Napier

"Motion" consists of four pieces that are based on a series of studies in
which Mark Napier used a physics simulator to create movement. By simulating
gravitational forces, springs, masses, momentum and friction, the shapes in
the artwork both attract and repel. By tuning the simulated forces, the
works generate different kinds of motion. In the first piece, motion is the
result of user input. Without input, the piece eventually stops moving. The
remaining three pieces use gravitational and spring forces to create
inherently chaotic systems. Their quest for stability results in perpetual
  • Eryk Salvaggio | Mon Feb 2nd 2004 9:16 p.m.
    Napier, I hear he's good, but he's no Salvaggio.
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