Habitat Perspectives

Posted by Marcos Weskamp | Wed Oct 29th 2003 8:02 a.m.

Habitat perspectives is an online instalation that atempts to visualize
spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. Through GPS-capable mobile phones,
participants will be posting geocoded images to an online shared space which
starts as a black canvas. As participants post more and more content, a map
of the city, and the map of each of the participants "places" will slowly
start emerging.


One of ther reasons why Tokyo is such a mess as a city is that it is a
tangled mess of intertwining main streets intersected and crisscrossed by
back alleys and side streets.
Specially when you don't own a car, and you mainly travel by subway as most
other citizens, one of the biggest problems you get in such a place is that
you never get to mentally visualize the relationship among all the places
you usually hang out at. You only know about "islands" in the city; you get
in the subway in Shinjuku island, you pop-up in Shibuya island. The more you
move around those spaces you'll slowly start turning them into
neighborhoods, along with your own personal networks of places. If you asked
a group of people to draw you a map of the city, you'll notice that all of
them will be inevitably different - each of them will have their own
particular perspective of their habitat.

This is currently work in progress, so as time allows, I'll be adding more
functionality to it. Also, I'm currently looking for participants, so if you
are interested in popping up in there, please don't hesitate to drop me a
line: [ mail at marcosweskamp.com ]
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