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Posted by Rachel Greene | Thu Sep 18th 2003 10:07 p.m.

Dear Rhizomers --

There have been some comments about Rhizome.org's status on Raw and
Thingist so we wanted to respond and issue an update.

Rachel Greene, who has been working with Rhizome in various capacities
since 1997, is succeeding Mark Tribe as Executive Director of the
organization. Mark has recently started a new position as Director of
Art & Technology at the Columbia University School of the Arts. He will
continue to be active and take a leadership role on the Rhizome Board
of Directors.

Over the last few years, we have worked with the New Museum of
Contemporary Art, New York, on several exhibitions and events and have
always found them to be a wonderful partner. The New Museum is
committed to showing a culturally and geographically diverse range of
artists, they understand contemporary art as a social practice whose
relevance extends beyond the art world, and they are the only museum in
New York with a space dedicated to new media art (the Zenith Media
Lounge). The New Museum is, quite simply, one of the most progressive
museums around.

Rhizome.org now has an opportunity to become more closely affiliated
with the New Museum. The New Museum would provide Rhizome with office
space and other forms of administrative support. Rhizome would continue
to operate as an independent organizational entity, retain our current
staff and programs and our web site would remain at http://rhizome.org.

Our mission and core principles would not change, but we hope to
collaborate with the New Museum on a range of programs, including
exhibitions, commissions and events.

This possible partnership with the New Museum represents an opportunity
to create a stable environment for Rhizome to support the global new
media art community while remaining true to its commitment to
inclusiveness and grassroots structures. Given how inhospitable the
current economic climate is for small nonprofits, we feel this would be
the best way to ensure our ability to fulfill our mission. We hope that
you continue to support Rhizome as we continue to evolve.


Rachel Greene
Mark Tribe
  • Are | Fri Sep 19th 2003 8:31 a.m.
    Did anyone forward this corporate memo to Fucked Company yet?
  • Jim Andrews | Fri Sep 19th 2003 9:24 a.m.
    Best of wishes to Mark Tribe. You tend not to get much thanks for these
    things, barely a fare-thee-well. But he put seven years of his life into
    building Rhizome. And has built a very interesting and significant
    organization in net.art. Best wishes at Columbia and thanks for what you
    have created and all your work, Mark. It is unique.

    Also, here's to Rachel and great years ahead for her leadership of Rhizome.

  • MTAA | Fri Sep 19th 2003 11:34 a.m.
    rachel greene wrote:

    > Dear Rhizomers --
    > There have been some comments about Rhizome.org's status on Raw and
    > Thingist so we wanted to respond and issue an update.
  • Mark Tribe | Fri Sep 19th 2003 1:54 p.m.
    t.whid wrote:

    > to Mark:
    > hoping you might share with the community some details regarding your
    > new position. is this a new position at Columbia or are you taking
    > someone's place? are you teaching or running other programs? sounds
    > like a very exciting new opportunity for you!

    yup, very exciting. it's a new position that involves teaching interdisciplinary art and technology courses in the school of the arts, running the digital media center and doing some planning and curriculum development around art and technology.

    i'm really glad rachel was able to step up. rhizome.org couldn't be in better hands.
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