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Posted by Brian Kim Stefans | Wed Sep 17th 2003 9:45 p.m.

Dear ...

I'm working on a "bootleg" file of poems by the French poet Denis Roche.
Depending on time and whatever allies I muster, this could turn into a book
idea. The material I have of his so far is:

3 poems in Locus Solus translated by John Ashbery
a sequence in the Paul Auster 20th Century American poetry translated by
Harry Matthews
selections in Veronica Forrest-Thomson's Collected Poems
selections in one of Serge Gavronsky's books on poetry in France (title
eludes me at the moment)
more work translated by Gavronsky for the Tyuonyi "Violence of the White
Page" issue

For you Googlers, there's a children's book illustrator named Denis Roche
who is not the same person.

*Our* Denis Roche was an editor of Tel Quel, a translator of The ABC of
Reading and I think the Cantos in to French, and is now (primarily?) a
photographer. I did find the following list of translations:

From the papers of Eric Mottram:
"French poets: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Under the influence of
Rimbaud' [1973-1978]; Mottram manuscript notes on mid-20th century French
poets [1973-1978]; a section of photocopies of modern French poets' work,
including Marcelin Pleynet, Denis Roche, Anne-Marie Albiach, Jean Daive

From The Paris Review # 42: Winter-Spring 1968:
Eros Possessed: A Play

From New Observations (a journal I never heard of before):
54. Ecriture - The French Mind -
Serge Gavronsky
January/February 1988
Julia Kristeva, Anne-Marie Albiach, Ludovic Janvier, Marcelin Pleynet,
Emmanuel Hocquard, Leslie Kaplan, Jacques Roubaud, Denis Roche, Martine
Aballea, Denis Levaillant.

And a book published by Pennsylvania State University Press called that has
a half chapter dedicated to his writing, published in 1999:
Poeticized Language
The Foundations of Contemporary French Poetry
Steven Winspur

I could probably get this last one in my library. The Paris Review issue is
available cheap on

Anyone know where the Mottram is available outside of his papers collected
at King's College? Or what New Observations is all about? Also, come
across any translations of Denis Roche? Interested in making some?



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