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  • Location:Aksioma | Project Space Komenskega 18, Ljubljana Slovenia
Solo exhibition
Curated by: Daphne Dragona

Exhibition opening and artist talk: Wednesday, 30 August 2017 at 8 pm

“I have not tried to write the history of that language (A/N the language of psychiatry) but, rather, the archeology of that silence.” – M. Foucault, Madness and Civilization, 1961

In an ...

  • Location:Sibiu, Romania

Residency Dates: June 1 - 30, 2018

Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce its Artist Residency in Sibiu, Romania for Summer 2018. The residency is located in Transylvania at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in the medieval city of Sibiu. The Sibiu Artist Residency provides an academic program to inspire ...

  • Location:NEW YORK CITY
Residency Dates: October 23 – November 4, 2017

Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce its Paint With the Masters Artist Residency Program in New York City. The painting intensive program will comprise of drawing and painting the figure from life, guest lecturers, a business of art course and gallery visits. Additionally ...

  • Location:Cologne, global venues
Open call
extended deadline: 30 November 2017

The W:OW Project – We Are One World - http://wow.engad.org
is a global networking project in an exchange between virtual and physical space (online/offline) including artists, curators and cultural institutions from all parts on the globe.

The project directed and ...

  • Location:Online at The Unstitute www.theunstitute.org
In this month's Digital Art 'zine from The Unstitute we look at the interleaving of human and artificial identities underway as humanity presses headlong towards its inevitable rendezvous with godlike machines, including the augmentation processes artists are employing to reveal new hybrid adaptations of culture and consciousness. From the cathartic ...

  • Location:Blue Mountain Gallery
Jan 2 - 27, 2018


JUROR: BETTY CUNINGHAM is a distinguished art dealer who owns/directs the Betty Cuningham Gallery on the Lower East Side. Her gallery showcases contemporary painters and sculptors including William Bailey, Graham Nickson,Phillip Pearlstein, Mia ...

  • Location:Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC
A micro-residency and wellness Immersive in NYC is accepting application for our 2018 cycle
Hosted by High Prieztezz Or Nah & UNDAKOVA w/ Go! Push Pops & Rotating Guest Faculty


  • Location:Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collection, Bleshchunova Odessa Pol’skaya St., 19 (048) 722-10-81; 725-04-53
5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art

August 26th – till September 30th, 2017

The board of the 5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art pleased to present a Special project curated by Camilla Boemio as part of 5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art: "Delivering Obsolescence: Art Bank, Data Bank, Food Bank", by ...

  • Location:47531 Highway 31, Summer Lake, OR 97640
APPLY NOW for Artist Residencies of two and four weeks in the Oregon Outback. Space, solitude, art studios, no fees other than for application. Deadline is September 1, 2017 for residencies occurring between January and June of 2018. go to playasummerlake.org to apply and for more information about PLAYA

  • Location:Japan
The Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee is now accepting entries for the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival. All artists around the world, without distinction as to professional, amateur, independent, or commercial, are invited to submit their works to the four divisions -- Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. Eligible are works ...

  • Location:The Compound Gallery 1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608 
An Interdisciplinary exhibition of corporate culture and perception. Check out #thecorporationart on Instagram to follow Dan’s progress and inspiration.

The conceptual artist and author of the McSweeney’s book “All Known Metal Bands” explores the culture and aesthetics of the world of corporations and day jobs in a wide-ranging ...

  • Location:The Wrong Biennial - a worldwide online virtual reality art fair.
“all individuals, as heirs to the memory of mankind, are free to surpass themselves.”- Peter Sloterdijk
Identity is no longer bound by physical or genetic constraints, as the radical physical, cultural, and social changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the 21st century deconstruct and reconstruct everything we have ever ...

The sixth in a new series of puppet-animations about the life and misadventures of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) GP.

Dr Hairy strikes up an unlikely friendship with Jiminy Simmons, the QCQ inspector; Grabber visits his Mum in order to put red dots on all her stuff; and then Dr ...

  • Location:Johansson Projects 2300 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
Johansson Projects presents, Monument Eternal, featuring Claire Colette’s ethereal brand of geometric abstraction inviting deep, meditative viewing. Borrowing its title from Alice Coltrane’s first book—which tells of her spiritual initiation, revelations, and austerities—Monument Eternal is a formal exploration of the human desire for transcendence. Interested in ...

  • Location:Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
Open Call:
222lodge organises a night for short video-, sound- and textpieces.
We are looking for works (10 minutes max.) in which Denial is the leading principle.
Please send your files (mp3, mp4, pdf) to: denial@222lodge.nl.
Textpieces will be performed vocally.

  • Location:Spokane, WA, USA
Laboratory’s mission is to provide practicing interactive artists with the time, space, and freedom to make awesome stuff. So we want to offer you space to live, space to work, tools, mentorship, and connections to make that happen. Plus, a $200 a month stipend if you have the right ...