• Location:Online and in Singapore https://thirdspacenetwork.com/symposium2018/preparation-for-the-third-space-online-symposium/
Online En-semble – Entanglement Training.
Online performance with Annie Abrahams (NL/FR), Antye Greie (DE/FI), Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/DE), Soyung Lee (KR), Huong Ngô (HK/USA), Daniel Pinheiro (VE/PT) and Igor Stromajer (SLO/DE)
In the frame of Art of the Networked Practice symposium, School of Art, Design ...

  • Location:Providence, RI
The Department of Music at Brown University invites applications for a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in multimedia and electronic music. We seek a candidate with broad interdisciplinary interests with evidence of exceptional artistic and technical promise. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in the MEME program in the Music ...

  • Location:Locust Projects, Miami FL.
Locust Projects 20/20 - 20 Artists Over 20 Hours

Open Call

As part of our 20th anniversary season, Locust Projects is organizing a new show celebrating our roots in experimentation. Over a consecutive twenty-hour time span, twenty artists will each be provided a one-hour temporary exhibition. The event will take ...

  • Location:Outpost Artist Resources, Queens NY
Due April 6
Theme: Networks, (Dis)embodiment and Disruption
Submit Here: https://goo.gl/forms/vrLTEb55UxCtOdPr2

Confetti Machine is a networked exhibition framework showcasing emerging forms of media, performance and score.

The Confetti Machine festival is a celebration of Realtime Media performance ...

  • Location:Locations: Kunsthalle Faust and in Public Space

- a group performance for those who rAGe

The iJacket Project explores not only the concept of intended but unwanted use of electronic data, but also the intended and the unwanted as a general theme in its curational approach to showing artwork and performance using new technologies such as Augmented ...

  • Location:Trestle Gallery 850 3rd Ave, Suite 411 Brooklyn, 11232
Please visit the link below for more information and application.

Trestle Gallery has two residency opportunities with April 1st deadlines, our Trestle Artist Residency and Visiting Artist Residency. Applicants are required to submit 4-8 work samples in the following formats: .JPG, .GIF, .MOV ...

  • Location:ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor, Between E. 29th and E.30th Street, NY, NY

Media Choreographies: Workshop
A cross-disciplinary exploration of choreography & (web)code open to any participants curious to explore the use of choreographic techniques to generate ...

  • Location:Sardinia, Italy

Becomebecome invites artists, curators, and researchers to apply for its 4th nomadic residency and exhibition program taking place in the island of Sardinia in collaboration with IVYnode, Stazione dell'Arte Museum of Contemporary Art, the Monastery of Santa Rosa, and the Municipalities of Nurri and Ulassai.

This full-immersive journey investigates ...

  • Location:Fine Art Academy of Rome. Sala Colleoni 9-21 April 2018. Opening 9-4-18, h. 17.00 – 20.00.
Students group show - Fine Art Academy of Rome.
Sala Colleoni 9-21 April 2018. Opening 9-4-18, h. 17.00 – 20.00.
Curated by Chiara Passa, synopsis by Giulia Caruso.

“MEMEnto – Internet semper” is an exhibition organised by Chiara Passa, visual artist and lecturer at Fine Arts Academy in Rome that presents ...

  • Location:School of Art California Institute of the Arts 24700 McBean Pkwy Valencia, CA 91355
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

School of Art

Art and Technology Full Time Faculty Position

MFA Art and Technology

The School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) invites applications for a full time faculty position in the Program of Art and Technology. The MFA in ...

  • Location:Berlin, Germany

Reality? is intensive four-week program led by artist and educator Chris Sugrue, and members of NEEEU, a spatial experience design studio newly opened in Berlin.

Compelling us all is an interest in creatively exploring the potentials of augmented reality through a myriad of critical, conceptual, and hands-on approaches.

Augmented Reality ...

  • Location:MONOM - Berlin's Center for Spatial Sound

Ecoacoustics is an intensive four-week program led by artists Florence To and Antoine Bertin.

Combining elements of spatial recording, virtual reality sound design, and audio installation practices, participants are invited to develop an immersive experience using the unique 4DSOUND system, of which there exist only two in the world.

Leading ...

  • Location:Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy Oasi Zegna in Trivero, Italy

UNIDEE – University of Ideas is a multifaceted platform offering an educational programme of residential modules at Cittadellarte and art residencies. Based on interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and experience exchange, the programme fosters processes of cross-pollination to investigate the relationship between art and public sphere.


  • Location:Moriya, Japan
Artist-in-Residence Program of ARCUS Project which aims to support the artistic activities of emerging artists was launched in 1994 by Ibaraki Prefectural Government as its main organizer. In its 24 years history, ARCUS Project has invited 100 artists including pairs from 33 countries/regions, and supported their artistic projects and ...

  • Location:Hunter College 695 Park Ave. New York, NY

Integrated Media Arts
MFA Hunter College

Deadline is April 1st, 2018
The MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts (IMA) offers advanced studies in nonfiction media making and educates multi-disciplinary, socially engaged media makers in a diverse range of skills across the media landscape. Working with faculty from film, video, emerging ...

  • Location:Lincoln, NE
The Cube Art Project (CAP) Biannual International Digital Art Competition hosts it's third exhibition on the Cube May 18, 2018. We will host two screening events: CAP screening May 2018 - May 2019 AND a special screening on Oct 4, 2018 titled: Digital Art Screening Exhibition for the 2018 Mid-America College ...