GREGNIK (PROTO 1) by Gregory Green

Gregory Green's Gregnik (Proto 1) is an innovative new public art
project involving the construction of a fully functional prototype
communications satellite modelled on the former USSR's Sputnik. Green is
an American performance and installation artist who in 1996 has recently
received national media ...

ON TOTALITARIAN INTERACTIVITY (notes from the enemy of the people)

Alexei Shulgin is right in analyzing the phenomenon of interactive art and
media as a shift from representation to manipulation. [see Alexei Shulgin,
"<a href="/cgi/to.cgi?t=239">Art, Power, and Communication</a>" in RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 10.11 ...

Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4

15 - 17 November 1996

Across 2 Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a 3 - day event exploring
electronic arts in the context of a changing relationship between art
and science.

The event comprises a 3 day conference, specially commissioned
installations by British artists Simon ...

e/v/e/r/y/d/a/y a h/o/l/i/d/a/y

ii.The basic structure is a banquet or picnic. Each player must bring a
dish or bottle, etc., …………

read the rest at HAKIM BEY FANCLUB: ...

Last night I went to "Feel Surreal," a night of music videos which is
part of the New York "Low Res Digital Film Festival"
( Friday and Saturday night will be the "Main
Program," a series of digital video shorts. The festival, which claims
to ...

"Yeah, somebody owned the hill the mine was in, but what we wanted to do
was cut into it, develop tubes under and near the surface which could
potentially yield useful ore, or even effects for each other and the
group at-large. "

-Pierre Salkas, Colorado miner

Beginning Friday Oct ...


X-Factor Announces Online Conference for Experimental Media

X-Factor, the national coalition for the advocacy of experimental media,
announces the X-Factor Online Conference for Experimental Media on the
Internet's World Wide Web, concerning the state of experimental film and
video. This interactive conference ...

I've just released "Technophobia" and I'm currently researching for the
second CD. It doesn't matter how large or small the piece is only that
it is original, thought provoking work.

I'm looking forward to seeing what artists are making with new
technology, including those coming from other cultural sectors such ...

Self-Destruct Mechanism

The X-Factor Conference on experimental media is now on-line:

For the conference, I've written a short piece on "virtual ontologies"
called "Self-Destruct Mechanism." Have a read:

I'm looking forward to your responses.

new company, new vision

jackie lightfield & khyal braun announce ART SPARK INTERACTIVE. This is
the publishing label of blowtorch studios, "industrial strength design"
(, and the only interactive arts studio on the east


A Call to multimedia Artists

we are seeking original works, (we ...

Eva Wohlgemuth and I are presenting our internet project SIBERIAN DEAL
in the Electronic Page section, which is curated by Irina Aktuganova who
is director of Gallery 21 - part of the Pushkin Square art complex.
Also here from Vienna are the group Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer, and Hilus.
We are all ...

A note in response to comments on commodities and communication.

Pit and Alexei have made great statements. Things that stand between
people as blockages are:

1. commodities (relationships posing as things)
2. institutions (things posing as relationships, e.g. art)

Things that are more fundamental than these, which are fundamentally ...

[web art project]

author: Igor Stromajer
producer: INTIMA Virtual Base / Creative Intimate Lab
internet service provider: ARNES - Academic and Research Network of
copyright by: INTIMA Virtual Base / Creative Intimate Lab, 1996/97


is a web ...

Reading the contribution of Alexei Shulgin about the subject: "Art,
Power and Communication" I cannot remain silent, just thinking he is

Especially his recommendation: "as an artist change your occupation just
before you became well-known in your sphere and before the movement you
are in starts to create its ...

InterVentionen - cityprojects

7 K

Tatsou Miyaijima
La Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain
261, blvd. Raspail
14e Paris

With regard to the cultural shaping of technology, sociologists and
anthropologists state that social and technological change come together
as a packet: if we want to understand either, we must understand both.
In this respect, Tatsou Miyaijima's ...